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There are many reasons to seek advice from an intellectual property advisor and there are many different types of advisors. It pays to know where to look and to be able to choose from a roster of brilliant attorneys, consultants and examiners who are WIPO Certified and located all over the globe.

What is your focus?

  • Patents
  • Trademarks 
  • Trade secrets 
  • IP due diligence
  • Domain names
  • Industrial Design
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Unfair Competition
  • Geographical Indications
  •  Copyrights and Entertainment law
  • Licensing and technology transfer
  • etc.

Intellectual property poses unique and challenging challenges for businesses. Our in-depth knowledge of intellectual property law and our experience in the fields of intellectual property and underlying technologies allow us to address issues of types and levels.

IPLocked office is a WIPO-certified IP firm. It is an innovative firm in the field of intellectual property, as they bring together experts from around the world and we propose :


IPLocked develops Legal memorandums and Online consultation on intellectual property law issues in several countries around the world. These are lawful statements written by our IP legal expert to deliver a legal opinion to clients with regard to the issues and merits of a case. We carry out thorough research on your legal issue, we then decide on an action, condition, or intention with respect to your national law and international law.

All team members providing legal advice have obtained an intellectual property certification certifying their intellectual property knowledge by the World Property Organization Intellectual. In addition, our IP Attorneys and consultants will provide support according to their national law and International IP law to provide you with a legal opinion.


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Requests for legal advice must be sent in writing (e-mail, fax or letter) with a summary of the facts to:
– IPLocked Rue de Chantepoulet 10, Geneva 1201, Switzerland
– E-mail: legalopinion@iplockedoffice.com
– Complete the form if you would like to receive

Requests for consultation are subject, as soon as possible, to a pre-examination which determines their feasibility, their cost and the time required for drawing up the opinion (estimate). If necessary, IPLocked proposes the treatment of the request by our correspondents. The time taken to provide the opinion depends on the complexity of the question.


For consultations and legal opinions prepared by IPLocked’s scientific collaborators, the fee is 50 to 200 CHF per hour of work.


– Impartiality
– Independence
– Confidentiality
– Neutrality
– Verifiable information


Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What is intellectual property?

A: Intellectual property is what you create with your mind. That is why we call it the “work of the spirit”. This can be a book, a musical composition, a software, an invention, a trademark, a graphic design, etc., It must be the fruit of your creativity and cannot be a copy of another work.

Q : What is a distinctive sign?

A: Distinctive signs allow, first of all, to make you visible. It gives you a particular identity, especially when you want that your customers recognize your products, your services, or even your business. There are two major types of distinctive signs: Trademarks and Indications.

Q :What is a patent and has what is it for?

A:A patent is a state-granted limited monopoly. It is a legal title, which indicates that you own an invention. This title gives you the exclusive right to manufacture, use, sell, or build upon the covered technology. It also prohibits unauthorized third parties from copying it to the territory you have chosen during twenty years. After that, the invention enters the public domain.

Q :How to extend your trademark only in the European union?

A: Effectively, it is possible to extend your protection in the European Union. For that, you must make a registration at the Office of the European Union for Intellectual property.  The request is done in 10 minutes online


Our company is based in Switzerland in Geneva, which represents a very great advantage in particular at the level of labor law and a very favorable social climate. Every year, thousands of people start a new company in Switzerland. In addition, the Swiss economy is internationally oriented.

Many multinational companies “e.g consulting firms, Fintech companies, IT services or audit and overhaul firms are headquartered in Switzerland, or have at least one branch there, as well as many of the United Nations institutions such as WIPO, which is the world intellectual property organization.

We Will help you to understand:

  • Intellectual Property Audit & Valuation
  • Intellectual Property Strategy Management
  • Intellectual Property Asset Protection
  • Investing for a strong IP asset with Brainstorming
  • Intellectual Property Commercialization
  • And more other instruments

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